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Are you curious about what kind of scrap metal to bring to our facility? We buy nearly everything that is metal! RZR Recycling buys all types of ferrous (magnetic) and non-ferrous scrap metals. At RZR Recycling we have a broad range of services to meet the needs of all customers. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff can assist businesses and individuals with metallurgical analysis, proper scrap handling and storage. When you visit RZR Recycling located at 22380 N 20th Ave Phoenix AZ 85027, our friendly and outgoing staff will assist you in the unloading of your materials from your vehicle so you don’t have to unload it yourself. Forklifts are available for ease of unloading. Payment by check or cash, your choice!

Examples of Scrap Metals


The atomical label for Iron is FE. FErrous metals contain Iron, and as such it means they are magnetic! Below is a list of the different ferrous Metals we accept at RZR Recycling.

  • Appliances (non-freon)
  • Bushling
  • Rotors
  • Rebar
  • Sheet Iron
  • Steel Chips
  • Shavings
  • Turnings
  • Cast Iron
  • Motor Blocks


Non-Ferrious metals, are not magnetic. The most common of which are aluminum and copper! Below are some examples of non-ferrous metals we accept:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum, cans, shavings
  • Brass
  • Wiring
  • Lead
  • Stainless
  • Batteries
  • Wheels
  • Electric Motors
  • Heater Cores


Aluminum is one of the most commonly recycled things. Keep in mind how much aluminum you encounter every day that's recycleable. Foil, Cans, candy wrappers. The list is immense! Here are some common aluminum items we accept at our scrap yard in North Phoenix:

  • Solids
  • Cans
  • Shavings
  • Foil
  • 6061 & 6063 (plates)
  • Litho (sheets)
  • Cast Aluminum parts and bits


Steel is a carbon/iron alloy. It's very strong, and cost effective which makes it perfect as a building material. You probably come across a lot of steel that you can bring to us every day! Like, the examples below:

  • Sheet
  • Prepared (dense material that things such as gears are typically composed of)
  • Unprepared (things like pipes or rebar)
  • Engine Blocks
  • Bushling
  • Cast Iron
  • Rotors / Drums


We love copper and would like to buy it from you. Copper is a valuable meterial that we can give the best prices on anywhere in the valley. If you think you might have some, here are a few examples that we happily accept:

  • Wiring (not stripped!)
  • Tubing
  • Pipes (calling all plumbers)


Brass is a copper/zinc alloy. There are a few examples below (there are many) that we will buy from you at RZR:

  • Fittings
  • Instruments
  • Yellow Brass
  • Red Brass
  • Brass Plumbing